Terms of Use & Refund Policy


Last date of modification: 11/08/20

Thanks for being a Tweetboost customer. These Service Terms, to be referred to as “The Agreement,” constitute a binding contract between yourself and Tweetboost.net, the address of which is 225 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA, 94101, USA. If you access Tweetboost or buy anything from the Company, you give the agreement that you’ll be bound in full by this Agreement. You completely coincide with all conditions and terms of this Agreement when using, accessing this website and also by purchasing any of the Tweetboost services or products.

For other website areas, additional conditions and terms may apply. That may also be the case with additional content that is posted on a site called Tweetboost or particular negotiations, together with the principle Service Terms Agreement.

Tweetboost reserves the right to change this Agreement any time we see fit. Customers who use our site, services, and products agree that they will follow all variations or changes and be bound to the modified Service Terms version. Listed above, please find the last date we modified this Agreement.

In cases when you require information on how we store, collect, or utilize your PI (personal information), please peruse our Privacy Policy. You can also reach us at support@tweetboost.net or at 225 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA, 94101, USA.

Website Use

If you wish to utilize our site and pay for products / services, you signal Agreement to follow our terms and rules, as outlined below.

Tweetboost provides various services, such as subscriber services and social media engagement. Collectively, we shall refer to them here as “The Services.” You may purchase these Services online through the Tweetboost.net website. When you buy these Services, you agree to pay the price we indicate. You additionally give the agreement that A) you have purchase authorization, B) you are authorized to access and use whatever social media account you link to your purchase, and C) you will never knowingly utilize our Services for any illegal or fraudulent reasons.

We offer the following services, the list of which we may amend on every occasion:

  • Twitter Followers
  • Twitter Likes
  • Twitter Retweets

You agree and understand that all sales made through the site are final. We may give refunds only according to the posted Tweetboost Refund Policy and the Agreement terms. The Company will grant any other refunds only according to that as we see it.

Accessing the website of TweetBoost.net you accept our site Terms and Use Conditions. All appropriate regulations and laws are included in this. Additionally, you agree to comply with all relevant local rules. If you do not correspond to the terms outlined herein, you may not have access to the site or use it. Be mindful that all applicable trademark and copyright laws protect all content items on this website.

Privacy Statement

Tweetboost makes every effort to keep in secure your privacy when you use your site. We never knowingly reveal sensitive information when you make a purchase from us or use the site. We always protect your data as best we can and as our security measurements allow. In case you need additional info on how we protect your privacy, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Payment and Delivery Timeframes

Tweetboost.net delivers services and products according to a “best practices” delivery policy. Essentially, it signifies that we provide your engagement packages as quickly as we can, starting 24 hours after we receive and process the payment. Users can find additional info on the Payment & Delivery Policy web page.

However, to keep Twitter from banning or suspending your account, we use the slow-drip delivery method, meaning we add the package you purchase to your engagement totals slowly and steadily. Therefore, if you order a smaller package, you can expect delivery of the full amount faster, whereas if you order a larger package, this pack can be delivered within a longer period of time.

We always attempt to deliver your full package as expediently as possible. You will see an estimated delivery time next to each product or service we have for sale.

Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright

All content that you find on the Tweetboost website, as well as images, text, code, video, sounds, etc., collectively our “Intellectual Property” is the sole provenance of Tweetboost.net. It is protected by all applicable patent, trademark, and copyright laws, both foreign and domestic. Tweetboost expressly owns them, except in such cases as the owners have given us explicit permission to use them on our site.

Limitation of Liability

The Company (Tweetboost.net) shall never be responsible for any failures, liabilities, or damages which can happen, or pertaining to your purchasing and using the Tweetboost.net site, products, or services. By using our site, products, and services, you signal that you as a user accept all risks connected with such use.

The option of pursuing damages for website failures, shutdowns, or viruses is available for our customers. The same pertains to the loss of any personal data, profit, or operational losses.

The website and the Company are not in charge of any video deletion, account suspension, etc. by the social media company for which we generate and sell engagement. This also pertains to negative messages, votes, comments, etc.


Third-parties may be privy to information that concerns the customer and their records. However, their records are deemed private and will not be given to third-party entities unless they work for Tweetboost.net or have been legally requested by law enforcement or other legal entities. Users have the right to ask for any records we maintain, given that we are provided a reasonable time for such requests.

Clients are asked to keep any information that relates to our services. When called for, we will provide our users with written information or copies of records as laid out in the contract agreed upon to benefit both parties.

We will never share, rent or sell your personal data to a third-party or send you unsolicited email. Emails that you receive from us will only be tied to the agreed products/services.

Your Guarantee To Tweetboost.net

By using our site, you agree to hold Tweetboost.net blameless for any claim that could arise from your use of the site and our services. Failure to do so would mean a breach of these Terms of Use.


By using our website, you agree to use the site legally. You will not, in any way, compromise its security or make it to where no users can reach the site or cause undue damage to the website, service and content. You agree, that you won’t take part in actions that could crash the site. You will also not access material without first getting permission and use the site for reasons not intended.

Amending Error/Mistakes

Tweetboost.net is permitted to correct any mistakes on the website or make changes or updates to its content without prior notification. We do not promise immediate corrections to mistakes, only that we eventually correct them.


When you agree to Tweetboost.net’s Terms of Service, the agreement is between all parties related to the subject matter.

Service Termination

Agreement terms begin when Tweetboost.net accepts the job and ends when either party terminates the contract. If we feel you are abusing our system, we will cease working with you and withhold any further services.

Third-Party Marketing Campaigns

When you use Tweetboost.net, it is prohibited to run another marketing campaign. We use public information to analyze the campaign’s results, and other campaigns can interfere with these results. If you opt to use another marketing campaign, any comment, fan, follower, like, visit, view and/or vote obtained during this time will be due to Tweetboost.com.

Site Terms of Use Modification

The Company may make changes to this section as we see fit. If you keep using our website, this signals that you agree to abide by the changes we make. If we make any Privacy Policy changes, we announce them on the homepage and other prominent site pages. If we make changes to how we use your Client Personally Identifiable Information (CPII), we will notify you by postal mail or email. Any Privacy Policy changes that we make on the website will be prominently posted thirty (30) days before our enacting them. You should reread this statement regularly to check for them.


Tweetboost guarantees that the services and products you receive shall match the site descriptions of them. We further guarantee that you have a thirty (30) day period following a package purchase where we shall replenish free of charge any followers, likes, retweets, etc. that drop off. 


There are certain instances in which we will provide a refund:

  • Non-delivered product – To make a claim, the stated window delivery must have closed. Only then may you contact us in writing about the lost product. If not, the order will be marked complete, and no refunds will be issued.
  • Wrongly-Described Product – Be sure you notify us in writing on how the product you received was not what you ordered based on the website description. If no description is provided about the website’s product, we will not entertain a refund. We will offer support when necessary.

When ordering from us, you accept not to make any chargebacks or disputes once payment has gone through. If you do, we reserve the right to cancel any future order, ban you from the site and remove any likes and followers you may have had. If you have a problem with your order, reach out to us at support@tweetboost.net so that we may address it.


After items have been delivered, you have 30 days to ask for a “Refill” if the ordered activity doesn’t arrive. You must provide evidence pertinent to the request, such as screenshots. The refill is subjected to begin within 48 hours, and customers are asked to contact Customer Support if this does not happen.


You can send any complaints about our services and products to our Tweetboost.net service team. We will work quickly and expeditiously to remedy all concerns our users have. We want to ensure that any issue about the site, payment methods, services, etc. are addressed right away. Provide us with an in-depth outline of your problem.

Governmental Jurisdiction and Laws

The above terms and conditions are compliant in the state of New York, USA along with any federal regulations. When you use our website and any services/products, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations. Any action related to our service/product delivery and site is subjected to the laws in New York, USA and federal district courts within that state. The court has total jurisdiction of ours and our clients’ conduct.