Privacy Policy

Welcome to the website. We want to familiarize you with some important “need-to-know” facts regarding our website to ensure you feel confident when visiting it.

We have created a Privacy Policy to ease our customers’ concerns about their personal identifiable information. We abide by the U.S. privacy legislation and data security when using our users’ personal information. We have granted permission in using this information to reach out to individuals or identify them utilizing other discovered information.

We urge site users to read over our Privacy Policy to fully understand how we obtain, protect, use and deal with your private data on our network.

The kind of information will collect include name, address, contact number and email address, following the General Data Protection Regulations and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. We provide our visitors with details about how we collect and use their personal data. will for sure notify you regarding your rights with an information protection statement. carries out a plethora of practical and administrative procedures to ensure the total security of visitors’ private data flowing through our system. Due to the lack of security of Internet-based data transmission, we can’t fully guarantee our users’ personal identifiable information.

The personal information of our users is used in an attempt to better the website surfing experience for our visitors. Based on this Privacy Policy, using our site means we can collect and use the information.; You can email us at if you have concerns or questions.

You can find out about our other policies – Payment and Delivery Policy, Terms of Service & Refund Policy – you can click the links to learn more.

What Personal Identifiable Information Will We Obtain? will obtain the following personal information from users like name, email address, member name, phone number and other relevant contact information.

We will obtain data on your personal computer about your use of our site, such as IP address, browser used and location by browser. Also next information can be collected:

  • Payment details
  • Service questions
  • Survey responses
  • Web analytics data. may use the info when you contact us. We may also use it for any other number of reasons such as:

  • Purposeful data to boost site functionality
  • Security alerts
  • Supplying information about pertinent technical notices and upgrades
  • Boosting’s services and products
  • Notifying users of policy changes or administrative communications

The data can be used by our team to thwart any attempts to commit fraud or do other harm, including data breaches.

Information is collected as users provide it from such actions:

  • Registration on the website
  • Buying a service or product
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Filling out questionnaires
  • Making comments
  • Customer service emails

When visitors go through the site, we collect information automatically. However, it may also be attained through a third party if those services are provided through our website.

How Are We Permitted Use Your Gathered Personal Identifiable Information

We will use your information to confirm your identity. However, we will delete all transaction activities upon an order from us. We obtain this information to improve our services and address any operational or legal issues such as risk management tied to fraud or content. The information will allow us to better respond to comments or questions about our site and attain feedback through surveys/polls. can use your site activities to help find possible suspicious activity and maintain compliance, as noted in the Site User Guidelines. We may also use the information to:

  • Share relevant business and support news or any necessary upgrades.
  • Supply different support services
  • Confirm your identity if you register or use our site
  • Provide you with service or products promoted on our site.

Your agreement to these and other policies means you understand we will use your personal information for:

  • Enhancing your experience with customizations with the site, services or products such as web advertisements
  • Ensuring you are exposed to relevant-to-you services and products advertisements
  • When asked, we will share the collected data with the following agencies – courts, law enforcement, governmental bodies, etc.

How May We Share This Personal Data

We may share this personal information with the following:

  • Third parties who need it for a good reason
  • People or agencies that need it to carry out certain tasks and responsibilities

We may provide third parties with our client info based on the following situations:

  • It is needed for support functions or verifications on licenses
  • Client has provided disclosure
  • Entities that assist us with transferring or accessing your personal information or other reasons based on the conditions
  • To protect’s rights, protect someone from danger, comply with judicial or court orders or any legal business process Upholds Customer Privacy Choices and Information Protection Rights has one particular goal – to honor your user rights. This is why we do everything we can to reasonably safeguard your privacy. We work hard to uphold our legal obligations to users, honor their choices and abide by them as much as possible.

How To Learn What Information Has Been Collected

Users are welcome to reach out and request information about any information about themselves. We will send this information in a structured format for consumers to easily read. We can disable it, limit the amount of data that has been collected, etc.

This collected information may be used to tailor advertisements, but first, we ask for your permission to process the data.

Under certain circumstances, we may limit these rights, and there may be situations in which we keep the information once we have approval.

For us to remain compliant, legally or contractually, we may request your personal data. If you refuse, we cannot allow you further permission to use the site. However, any requested information is only optional.

You may address them to data security authorities. If you believe your privacy rights have been violated, you can contact us at We will attempt to remedy it.

Marketing and Your Personal Data

We often send marketing promotions to you about our services, products and any sales, if we feel it interests you. If you do not want to receive these emails, you can use the “unsubscribe” options or email us at to let us know that you want to opt-out.

How Long TweetBoost Will Hold Your PI

All the information is kept on our secure servers for as long as we provide professional services to you which permit us to fulfill our legal obligations. Every customer is eligible to request our support team to delete personal identifying information.

We will store the deleted account information on our servers. This information is used legitimately for reasons such as fraud prevention, law compliance, troubleshooting issues, criminal investigations, care terms, etc. Our Privacy Policy will maintain all information.

How Do We Secure Your Personal Data takes certain organizational steps to maintain and secure your personal identifiable information. This is useful to protect your data from illegal usage or unintentional loss or damage. We will supply you with the information we feel is necessary but is subjected to confidentiality restrictions.

The data is kept on servers which are totally secure, and we will confirm individuals’ identities before allowing them access to their private information. We only use the latest SSL certificate encryption technology to safeguard the transference of information. takes all possible measures to guarantee that your data is protected but cannot be held accountable if you try to bypass the site’s privacy preferences. We will set you up with a password to a certain website region, and you must keep it safe. Do not disclose this password to any third party such as comments and questions. Any user can view this information.

We have no control over users’ actions for a good reason. Therefore, we ask customers not to share any information about themselves or do so cautiously. We are unable to guarantee that the information you have shared with us will be secured from other persons or entities.

Be sure to review the Privacy Policy to be aware of the data management and security practices before sharing any information with a third party site.

A Look At Cookies, Google Analytics and Web Beacons


We look at user behavior and obtain user demographic information. At, we use cookies to attain this data. When you visit the website, a small file, known as a cookie, will be uploaded. Your browser preferences may delete these cookies if you so choose. However, if you do this, some offered features may be limited on our site.

We use both functional and analytic cookies. You can learn more about cookie usage through our Cookie Policy or check out

Google Analytics uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service developed by Google, Inc. that also uses cookies to review our clients’ behavior. All information we obtain is through cookies that are then saved on Google’s U.S. servers. Google could use the information to review user behavior, adding it to the report for website administrators.

Google could use it to offer service information that relates to Internet usage and web activity. Should the law demand Google to retain information transferred to third parties or where third parties are processing the information for Google, it will not associate your IP address with other information it has retained.

You do have the option to keep Google from obtaining browser information by blocking cookie use. Go to your browser settings to turn the feature off. You can learn more about this opt-out policy with Google Analytics by visiting: and

Web Beacons

We also use web beacons to watch your website usage for circumstances such as promotions or newsletters. The information we obtain via these beacons allows us to watch newsletter recipients to see who opens them. The information allows us to better comprehend our users’ behaviors.


On occasion, we will showcase testimonials on the site, but only with your written approval. When we publish a review, we will add the provided name. In case you need to remove or change your testimonial, you can contact us at

Other Links

If you choose to click a link from a third party website, you may be re-routed to that site. We do not regulate third parties’ actions or content. is not responsible for how we use your information. Be sure to read their Privacy Policy before doing any business with them.

Deleting and Blocking Policy On Personal Data

The data controller is granted permission to store and process personal information only for a period to perform storage functions. We may continue to do this as long as we are granted legislative permissions. However, any personal data deemed irrelevant will be deleted or blocked immediately or when the legislation demands the storage period to cease.

Underage Privacy Policy

None of our services are to be used by children under the age of 13 years old. No data on children less than 13 years old should be provided, and we do not intentionally collect their information. Under this age, no child is not allowed to use our site, which includes commenting on blogs, supplying personal information about themselves, buying our products, or reading social networking articles.

If we discover this has been violated, the site administrators will immediately delete any accounts and information obtained. Parents who are concerned their child has provided us with information are urged to contact us at

Changes To The Privacy Policy

Legally, we are considered the data controller and processor. Therefore, we may make changes to the Privacy Policy at any time without advance notice. If changes are made, we will notify via email about the changes, but it’s up to users to stay apprised of any possible changes made.

Contact Information is considered a data processor and controller per our Privacy Policy. We are deemed a processor in regard to any information provided to our website or attained via services.

Regarding any issues and questions about Privacy Policy, such as how we process and secure your personal information or if you feel a violation has occurred, email us at We will respond as quickly as possible to address your concerns.